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UFF Provides Medical Aid to Wounded Defenders

Originally published by The Ukrainian Freedom News Network on 2022-03-15

On March 13, numerous Ukrainian defenders received urgent medical aid thanks to the Ukrainian Freedom Fund ( and its global network of gracious volunteers and donors. In coordination with the Ukrainian Freedom News, the Ukrainian Freedom Fund (UFF) provided critically needed medical supplies straight to Ukrainian soldiers. This effort was made possible by UFF’s deep connections within Ukraine and its military, and the supplies were used to treat wounded soldiers within hours of procurement. The medical aid included first aid kits, heart rate monitors, ointments, injectable medicines, topical sprays, assorted tablets and pharmaceuticals, iodine, and a long list of related items.

The Ukrainian Freedom News’ team of volunteers is a clearinghouse of information. As we report the realities of Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine, we see the gaps where large international contributions fail to reach those working to secure Ukraine’s sovereignty. These contributions are often trapped in congested warehouses, mired in bureaucracy, or diverted to other causes. In this case, our colleagues at the Ukrainian Freedom Fund immediately leveraged our breaking information to deploy targeted aid to wounded soldiers.

The UFF is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) originally established and registered in Kyiv in April of 2014 by Ukrainian and international entrepreneurs in response to Russia's invasion of Crimea and Donbas. UFF raised over $600,000 and quickly purchased equipment and supplies to support soldiers and their families. UFF’s mission is to support a free, independent, and democratic Ukraine. This is achieved through donations from people all over the world who care about freedom, prosperity, and the preservation of human dignity. 100% of donations go towards assisting Ukrainian defenders.

Since reactivating in response to Russia’s total invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, UFF has achieved the following:

- Arranged specialized training for units of the Army and Territorial Defence.

- Established a procurement office in London using free office space with a team of volunteer military and finance professionals dealing directly with manufacturers to get best prices for the materials that Ukraine needs.

- Launched an online logistics platform to coordinate and facilitate procurement, transport, and delivery of goods to the front lines.

- Established a working relationship with NATO commands to avoid duplication of effort and to help commands understand Ukraine.

- Initiated purchase of special humanitarian materials that Ukraine’s defenders desperately need.

- Supported Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces with the development and dissemination of information on survival and support of actions to defend against Russian aggression.

UFF is currently prioritizing three fundraising campaigns: (1) Provide personal protective kits to Ukrainian defenders; (2) Provide vehicles for Ukrainian defenders to use as ambulances, supply shuttles, and reliable transport; and (3) provide medical aid to Ukrainian defenders.

Please consider donating today.

Slava Ukraini!

Glory to Ukraine!