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UFF Provides 5 Vehicles for Front Line Service!



A week ago, the Ukrainian Freedom Fund successfully delivered 5 Sport Utility Vehicles to the front lines in Eastern Ukraine thanks to gracious donors like you all around the world. In the Kharkiv region, defenders continue to repel Russian aggression in pursuit of sovereignty, independence, and basic human rights. These vehicles are critical to Ukrainian strategy as they are multi-purpose and useable as medical conveyance, supply transports, and to rapidly move troops to and from the front lines or ambush sites. There is a growing concern over the lack of vehicles like these for use by Ukrainian defenders, and numerous organizations have made it a priority to acquire and supply trucks or SUVs to the front. However, the problem with these organizations is that the vehicles are extremely inexpensive. In many cases, these vehicles do not even start. When they do, critical maintenance is required within several hundred miles and parts are inaccessible. These vehicles create more burden than they ease, and this is all caused by charitable organizations being unable to inspect the vehicles themselves or falling victim to scams currently impacting the international effort to support Ukraine. In other cases, the vehicles never make it to the defenders that need them most and are stockpiled in Western Ukraine. UFF circumvents these issues by inspecting vehicles, leveraging a network of trusted agents, and spending the necessary funds for quality used vehicles that are suitable and reliable enough for combat. We are on the ground in Ukraine, in Europe, and in the United States, and we will continue working non-stop to support self-determination and human rights in Ukraine.

Please visit our Vehicles for Defense Campaign page for more information and click any donate button on our website to contribute to these efforts. Select the Vehicles for Defense campaign in the donation drop-down menu to ensure that the funds support our next vehicle acquisition in the coming days!