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UFF Delivers Protective Equipment to Defenders


This weekend, UFF provided thousands of dollars in aid to territorial defenders working in the Kyiv region. This included armored vests, combat boots, fuel canisters, socks, tactical clothing, ruck sacks, and more. These defenders are better prepared to combat Russia’s ongoing aggression thanks to gracious donors like you and our dedicated team of volunteers.

This territorial defense brigade was established by volunteers and residents of surrounding villages in a region near Kyiv that will remain anonymous for security concerns. This particular area is the territory of Ukraine first struck by missiles at dawn on 24 February 2022 by Russian occupiers. Within a few hours, volunteers gathered in self-organized detachments and outfitted themselves with weapons and military equipment. They immediately created defensive checkpoints on routes in two strategic directions, Kyiv-Odesa and Kyiv-Zhytomyr. It was vital to stop the aggressors in these areas to prevent the encirclement and capture of Kyiv. The capital city remains firmly in Ukrainian hands over 6 weeks later.

Those with no military experience were taught basic skills on-the-job and in the field. The training was conducted by experienced leaders who participated in the anti-terrorist operations in Ukraine’s Donbas region since Russia’s aggression first began in 2014. In the most intense combat, defenders from the National Guard of Ukraine stood shoulder-to-shoulder with this brigade. The territory where this unit’s checkpoints were established are the highest points in the Kyiv region, so every day (and even today) the aggressors conducted heavy artillery shelling but could not break this determined brigade. As a result, several pieces of air defense equipment were lost and numerous active military members have been seriously injured. This highlights the critical needs of this defense brigade, and others like it, along with the importance of armored vests, helmets, first aid kits, and other critical equipment.