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Drones for Defenders

The Ukrainian Freedom Fund is proud to announce a new campaign dedicated to the acquisition of drones for humanitarian use by Ukrainian defenders. We are currently acquiring several fixed-wing drones manufactured in Ukraine and numerous quad-copters built to military standards in the US. Several of these drones have already been delivered to Ukrainian units to fulfill humanitarian missions and will prove vital to reducing civilian casualties amidst amidst Russia’s ongoing aggression.

The fixed-wing drones that UFF is currently acquiring are manufactured in Western Ukraine with the added bonus of stimulating Ukraine’s economy. They boast a range of over 50 Kilometers and a several kilogram payload. This technology allows Ukraine’s defenders to see well beyond the horizon for search and rescue, risk assessment and spotting, and damage survey operations.

The U.S. manufactured quad-copters that UFF is currently acquiring are made by Skydio. The X2D model was built to U.S. military specifications and was selected by the U.S. Army's Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) Program of Record. The X2D can fly by Global Positioning System waypoint navigation with assistance from on-board artificial intelligence for up to 35 minutes or 6-10 kilometers and a 150 gram payload. This system is well suited for humanitarian missions such as surveillance, assessing risk, search and rescue, damage surveys, patrols and spotting, and area security. It flys day or night, autonomously or manually, and is capable of launch from a folded position within 75 seconds. Perhaps most impressive is that the X2D can perform offline operations thanks to advanced hardware, autonomous flight capabilities, and built-in cybersecurity measures to defend against jamming.



UFF seeks to outfit Ukrainian defenders with these complimentary long- and short-range systems to save lives through timely situational awareness and a reduced decision making cycle. Rather than providing them directly to military or government bureaucracies, UFF utilizes its team in Ukraine and a network of volunteers to provide these systems directly to front line units.