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For the wounded

The official statistics given out by the UN stated that since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine over 6000 people have been killed and over 15 500 wounded. Unfortunately, these facts are the harsh reality Ukraine is currently facing. Every day more and more young soldiers, who fight so fearlessly to protect their country, get seriously wounded on the battlefield. They risk their lives because love Ukraine and want to secure a better future for descendants. Every day the military hospitals accept dozens of these heroes and each time their wounds get significantly harder to treat. Unfortunately, Ukrainian medical system is not as advanced as it is in the Western world. So the doctors often experience huge shortages of appropriate medicines and medical equipment. Because of economic difficulties the government is unable to grant the hospitals with necessary funds so the doctors could get everything they need to save as many wounded soldiers as possible.

One of UFF goals is to provide military hospitals with proper medical equipment and medicines to help take care of the wounded and to support specific soldiers in getting necessary surgeries and prosthesis.

photo by Joseph Sywenkyj