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Urgent needs

Military conflict is always a challenge for a country. Loss of human lives, internally displaced persons, the loss of production. These and many other factors greatly increase the pressure on the national economy. However, joint efforts can withstand even the most difficult aggressor. This is exactly what Ukrainian people demonstrates. During the last year, thousands of people joined the volunteer movement to help the country overcome the difficult obstacles. These people are realists. We are hopeful about the future, but understand that achieving the goal calls for complete dedication.

Today, Ukraine has successfully avoided a full-scale war. However, this is not the end but only the beginning of a hard work. Humanitarian issues similarly need to be addressed, and liberated territories need to be recovered. Thousands of Ukrainian families need help. Every day we work to improve their lives, to guide them through this challenging period. Nevertheless, not everything can be managed alone. That is why we need your support. We are proud of you, our real friends from around the world, for all the help that you give to Ukrainians. Every time we see sincere smiles and hear the warm words of gratitude from the people to whom this support helped, we feel that our work matters.

UFF implements projects to support citizens from combat areas and to restore Ukraine.