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UFF Donor: Support for Ukraine is about truth

There is a very simple reason why I have supported Ukraine over these many months. It comes down to one word: truth. We are living in a time when one nation is trying to deny that truth exists. It sends tanks and artillery into Ukraine--and says that they aren’t there. It rains down trainloads of Grad rockets--and claims that someone else fired them. It shoots down an airliner--and argues that everybody but Russia did it. We face the greatest threat the world has seen this century. But it comes not from nuclear weapons or armored divisions. It comes from those who try to pervert truth, who try to turn it into something they can control and dominate.


My one regret is that I have no more to give Ukraine’s embattled warriors and people. If Putin’s Russia had been able to grow for several more years, Ukraine would have been isolated, and Europe subject to military and energy blackmail. Ukraine has saved the West, even if many western leaders are too blind to see this. <…>

Concerned Texan