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Action plan

Here is a short list of things that our volunteers could help us with:

  • Share the news from our Facebook page.
  • Spread the information about the situation in Ukraine; needs of soldiers on the battlefield (protective and non-lethal equipment, clothes, food, etc.), needs of the wounded (medicines and medical equipment for hospitals, funds for surgeries and prosthesis) and needs of victims’ families.
  • Spread the information about UFF activities, projects and ways of donation during personal and business meetings.
  • Spread our presentations, brochures and leaflets among friends and business partners (electronic or printed versions).
  • Connect us with potential donors and other people who are willing to help.
  • Inform us about different ways UFF can be represented in your country or city (integration in different charity events, project and activities, etc.).
  • Help collect donations for particular needs (see how Euromaidan Ottawa helped us collect money for 750 sleeping bags for soldiers in ATO zone).

Of course, all of these activities are optional. We would be more than grateful if you simply tell a few friends about us!